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At Metrica Plus we are an SEO agency located in Mexico. Here, we work with a group of experts in artificial intelligence, and we take our knowledge to the field of digital marketing for search engine optimization. We have a presence in Mexico, the United States and Brazil. And, above all, we are willing to work 100% as a team with you to achieve the results you want to achieve.

You will love working with us!

We focus on positioning your business organically

Unlike any other SEO agency, we use software that we create to enhance the organic search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.

We thoroughly study your potential audience

We achieve this by working through data marketing strategies to better know your potential consumers; and provide them with your offers.

We complement SEO, with a minimum investment

To create a complete positioning strategy; We support organic positioning efforts, with minimal investment in Google Ads. In this way, we give your site more momentum.

We have software that we develop

This proprietary software is unique in the market. With it, we achieve positioning objectives in half the time of other agencies.

Your website will have relevance on the internet

This means that your site will have authority within the digital world. What will rank you better with more keywords. Thus, you will reach more people.

We work with the Online Performance method!

Another differential that we have as an SEO agency is that we are a group of professionals oriented to the fulfillment of objectives.

Who are our services aimed at?

To small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who are looking for an ally to publicize their business online. If this is your case, an SEO agency is your best ally for you to be able to appear on Google.

To digital agencies that seek to implement or complement their SEO and SEM strategy services in a working relationship where both parties win.

This is how the websites we have worked with have grown

Meet the SEO agency team that will lead your digital business to success

Ventas México
Diego Baimeluj

Sales México

SEO expert
Laura Ángeles

Content Creator & Marketing Analyst

SEO Expert
Jorge Del Rio

SEO Expert

Felipe Nogueira


Metrica Plus
Ingeniero de Software
Andre Navarro

Software engineer

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