10 tips to sell more in 2022

With the aim of helping companies and entrepreneurs to sell more; the co-founder of RD Station, André Siqueira, wrote the book “Customer Acquisition Machine”.

In his new book, Siqueira pays special attention to the sales funnel, which is made up of the visitor, contact, and sale stages. Here, Siqueira builds the structure of his sales machine, establishing actions that must be carried out in each of the stages of this funnel; such as: attract, convert, relate, sell and analyze.

For each of these actions there are marketing practices that will facilitate the work of attracting customers and executing sales. According to Siqueira, the strategy called the Customer Acquisition Machine works in such an organic and automated way that it is only necessary to put the pieces together for the work to begin and the results to happen. These pieces are marketing practices.

Below, we show you how the co-founder of RD Station selects and analyzes 10 techniques, with relatively simple operation and great potential. Likewise, Siqueira reminds us that it is not necessary to use all the tools at the same time. “First, he needs to understand how each one works and how it would fit into his customer acquisition machine,” he explains.

Techniques to sell more in 2022, according to André Siqueira

Content marketing

This concept refers to the company positioning itself as a media vehicle, through the creation of valuable content; attracting the interest of your potential customers. In addition to generating results only with the publication, raw material can be offered for various channels of the company itself, such as social networks. According to Siqueira, it is an excellent digital marketing strategy.

“If we think about the funnel, content marketing can be used at different times: to attract contacts, generate ads, build relationships, drive sales. It all depends on your marketing strategy and how to combine it with other practices”

A. Siqueira


As we have seen in posts like this, SEO refers to techniques used to improve the position of certain content in the search results of Internet users. According to the co-founder of RD Station, this practice serves the first stage of the funnel (attraction) very well.

“The habit of going to Google every time we need any information is a great opportunity for brands, since many doubts and interests can be directly related to a product or service”

A. Siqueira

Online ads

The co-founder of RD Station points out that most of the largest and most visited sites in the world, such as Google and Facebook, have ads as their main source of income; so it is almost impossible to browse the Internet without finding one. In this sense, it becomes a tool with great potential, which needs to be explored by the company that wants to sell more. The above, because online ads meet the different stages of the funnel just by defining the objective of the ad.

“Ads help provide the customer with what they need at every stage of their shopping journey”

A. Siqueira

Offline ads

Despite the fact that we are increasingly immersed in the online world, the use of consolidated offline media, such as television, radio and billboards; they are still the main way to promote brands and products. Regarding its place in the sales funnel, the co-founder of RD Station says that in most cases offline ads are still good attraction strategies.

“Television is seen as a great audience center; radio and billboards work for those who need local appeal, especially in cities with heavy traffic”

A. Siqueira


According to Siqueira, as long as they offer quality work, digital influencers are a great opportunity for brands. This is because they already have an engaged audience that may be aware of the brand. Regarding the funnel stage, a little-known brand can take advantage of the work of influencers to attract audiences. With companies that offer simple products, influencers can help shorten the cycle, jumping directly to the sales part, with actions more focused on performance.

Platform, Partner and Affiliate Programs

Using a third party to bring the product to the customer can be a great opportunity to take advantage of sales. Siqueira explains that this can be done, for example, through a marketplace. In the case of an affiliate, a person promotes the product or service and, if the sale occurs, they earn a commission. Platforms naturally benefit from having third parties in their environment, as this helps publicize the service they offer.

“The great benefit of using these practices is to be able to almost 'outsource' the acquisition step, in a context in which the partner is responsible for the different stages of the funnel”

A. Siqueira

Social Media

Social media makes it possible for a brand to build an audience. Thus, it participates in conversations; and the company benefits from the ease of sharing and interaction. That is why companies consider them valuable marketing tools. According to the co-founder of RD Station, it is possible to analyze social networks in three contexts:

  • Audience construction. People who connect to the brand and receive publications.
  • Pay access to the hearing. Online ads.
  • Be a part of other people’s conversations. Encouraging sharing and monitoring public opinion.

“The great benefit of using these practices is to be able to almost 'outsource' the acquisition step, in a context in which the partner is responsible for the different stages of the funnel”

A. Siqueira

Landing Pages and Pop-Ups

The landing pages are the pages made specifically to convince the user to carry out a certain action in favor of the company. For example, adding a product to the cart, or clicking on a link that leads to another page. On the other hand, pop-ups are windows and banners that appear on top of the browser page and try to indicate a specific action to the user and convince him to follow it. Both options are used for conversion purposes. With the contacts in hand, it is easier to make the relationship and then try to sell.

"They capture more contacts by emphasizing a specific offer and anchoring elements that generate desire and give more credibility"

A. Siqueira


In this case, the product itself serves as a tool to reach new customers. Naturally, it causes contact between your customers and new customers, creating a cycle in which the more people buy, the more people they meet; and consequently they buy. The main impact of a product that goes viral is attraction.

“The common role is simply to make strangers aware of the brand and the product”

A. Siqueira

Ponit of sale

Stores on the street or in the shopping center are a good channel for attracting customers, according to Siqueira. This is because getting in people’s way is a natural way to appear in front of an audience and gain initial attention. In addition to attracting customers and selling products, a physical store can also work very well in the conversion stage, by filling out a registration form.

"What can be done at the time of the customer's entry to the establishment or at the time of purchase"

A. Siqueira

Source: Economia IG

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10 tips to sell more in 2022
With the aim of helping companies and entrepreneurs to sell more; the co-founder of RD Station, André Siqueira, wrote the book “Customer Acquisition Machine”.

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