Data Marketing

At Metrica Plus we are supporters of the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and we know that if we apply it to digital marketing, the results are incredible. Therefore, all our strategies are based on Big Data Marketing and on our own software, unique in the market, which accelerates the SEO process.

This software understands Google’s algorithms very well, and uses them in favor of your business. Thus, you will achieve the SEO results that are obtained in a year or more; in record time.

MetricaPlus - Inteligencia Artificial Aplicada

Benefits of implementing Big Data in Marketing

In addition to obtaining more accurate data to generate digital content, and creating more specialized paid campaigns, the power of Big Data Marketing brings you two great additional advantages:

Your site will be positioned in organic searches, so you will get more traffic without having to pay. This translates as: savings on paid digital marketing campaigns.

You can use paid campaigns as a complement to SEO positioning. However, with more visits, your site will become more relevant and the cost per click (CPC) will go down. This means that you will achieve more results with the same amount of money.

Learn more about our Software

Our AI team developed software that speeds up the SEO process on any website. With it, the organic positioning process of your company page can be reduced by 50%.

This program that we implement with all our clients; and that it has brought them excellent results. Therefore, we like to think that our Software is like a pink star. When have you seen any?

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