3 trends for e-commerce in 2022

Voice commands, mobile phones and the strength of the Chinese market can no longer go unnoticed in 2022. For those who want to win in the competitive e-commerce market, these are 3 keys to boosting your SEO.

One of the most used terms recently is resilience. And, although you have surely heard it to apply it to your daily life, it can and should also be applied to e-commerce. Who’d say!?

This is because the formulas that are used today to attract more visitors can stop generating results in a few months. So here’s the real millionaire tip: It pays to stay on top of technological trends and innovations in this ever-changing environment. Since it is full of agile and aggressive competitors.

And, to make this task easier for you, we have gathered here some keys that promise to mark e-commerce in the coming year.

SEO trends for e-commerce

Take note of these 3 trends that will boost your online sales. However, if you want to know more about SEO trends in general, we recommend this post.

1. Voice system

One of the main trends for e-commerce, and digital marketing in general; will be the voice system to perform searches. And this will apply not only from 2022, but also from the next few years. This means that although we are used to using devices with visual text interfaces, based on typing, it will be necessary to break this paradigm.

The challenge is precisely at this point, because the way we speak is different from the way we write. So how do you respond relevantly and dynamically to a voice search during an online purchase? Well, the first tip is to have voice commands that go through all the steps of the process to complete the purchase.

We should also stop looking at Google as a determining factor of SEO. It’s about time we start looking for other businesses and other outlets that also generate significant income online.

One example is Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. This artificial intelligence already has the ability to generate purchases, without asking for permission or even going through Google. The process is even very easy, if we remember that Amazon, which created it, is a marketplace with a capital M.

2. Migration to mobile devices

We must remember that more and more people access more content and perform more searches on mobile devices than on desktop computers. This can only indicate to us that here, the market follows this movement.

According to the Webshoppers report carried out by Ebit|Nielsen, e-commerce on mobile devices had a record growth of 78% and a turnover of 45.9 billion reais in 2020.

This new habit tends to intensify with the arrival of the 5G frequency. Therefore, the SEO strategy must take this trend into account. Why? Because the objective of an advertisement seen from a smartphone is for this same user to install the App or leave some point of contact. And, of course, it is necessary to create specific strategies in this regard.

These options change the way of understanding the maturation stage of this potential client. Also, the way we think about the content to attract this lead changes, and forces us to give even more weight to the CRM and the relationship rule.

3. The Chinese force

The third upcoming e-commerce trend that will shape the landscape of 2022 comes from the other side of the world. Specifically from China.

What we’ve seen so far was a polarized device market across Samsung and Apple. But, with the entry of Xiaomi to fight with the greats, the scenario changes radically. That is, perhaps the time has come to look more and more at Baidu as a search engine, and at big Chinese marketplaces like Alibaba and Shopee. All three have been posting tremendous sales growth rates.

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3 trends for e-commerce in 2022
Voice commands, mobile phones and the strength of the Chinese market can no longer go unnoticed in 2022. For those who want to win in the competitive online sales market, these are 3 keys to boosting your SEO.

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