When and how much to invest in my digital launch strategy?

One of the biggest questions for every entrepreneur is when and how much to invest in their digital strategy. Especially if they are not familiar with the world of internet marketing.

The moment you launch your digital campaign for the first time is a crucial moment in the development of your brand. Mainly, because it is the first big investment on the Internet that you are making. And not only that, but with all the data that your campaign will bring you; you will be able to make your digital strategy better in the future.

Now, before starting with the information that we know you are interested in (when and how much to invest); we want to clarify that it is okay to make mistakes. In other words, your brand launch campaign does not have to be perfect from the start. The beauty of digital marketing is that you can experiment, without putting so much money at stake up front.

Leaving this point clear, we are going to delve into the key points when creating your digital launch strategy.

Key points to create a digital launch strategy

When to invest?

One of the worst pieces of advice you can get is to invest all your money when you are just launching your brand. That is, if you just developed your website and Social Networks. Why? Because search engines take a couple of weeks to recognize and index a new website. And, on the other hand, you do not have enough data to promote something on Social Networks.

On the contrary, it is advisable to wait a month from the publication of your website and the creation of company profiles on social platforms. During these 4 weeks, dedicate yourself to:

  • Generate quality organic content. You can use tools like Google Trends or Ubersuggest, to investigate what the main questions of your potential audience are; and thus generate a content with the answer.
  • Collect and analyze KPI’s. Google Analytics does all the work of collecting the information regarding visits and traffic; and Search Console helps you see how your site is performing. On the other hand, all social platforms offer a «Statistics» section to those who have a company profile.

With this trial period without money involved, you will be able to get a better idea of ​​the development of your site and Social Networks. Thus, you will no longer go blind when investing; but, on the contrary, you will have greater clarity to know how to design your ads, and how to launch them. We will explain this below.

How much to invest?

Now, when defining the investment in our digital launch strategy; It is advisable to start with little money. Since, as we said above, it is acceptable to make mistakes; but we should not be reckless with money. At the end of the day, we seek to invest, and not lose.

In this sense, we suggest you create campaigns with a minimum budget. That is, of 100% of your budget for digital investment, set aside 20% or 25% for the launch campaign. This, in order to observe how your ads behave; and in the future invest more heavily in what you see is working.

Another tip is to do A/B tests with your ads; and observe and analyze which one has the best performance. Some tips for your A/B test:

  • Schedule your ads at different times.
  • Use different words and colors in each ad group.
  • Select different potential audiences. That is, different interests, socio-economic capacity, geolocation, etc.
  • Publish your ad groups on the different social platforms.

With this, you can have more data; and thus, you will be able to make better decisions regarding the strong investment. Lastly, we recommend running these tests on a minimal budget for another month.

What to do when the digital strategy is already at an advanced stage?

If something has to be considered is all the stages of a digital strategy, it is the constant monitoring of the KPI’s. These are the ones that tell us if the decisions we are making are right, or can be improved.

Each digital campaign is unique, therefore, there is no strict formula that applies to all. However, you can get a lot out of your investment, with the right staff for it. That is, a professional in SEO, SEM and digital strategies; he or she will understand what you don’t, and will be able to better optimize your money.

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When and how much to invest in my digital launch strategy?
One of the biggest questions for every entrepreneur is when and how much to invest in their digital strategy. Especially if you are not familiar with the world of internet marketing.

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