Online Performance Services

The term «online performance» refers to the fact that you only pay for the results you get. At MetricaPlus, being a 100% digital company, we know how to work completely under this criteria. That is, traditional media cannot promise you exact results, because they don’t have a way to measure them, but we can!

Thanks to digital measurement tools, we can tell you exactly: how much we invested, where we invested it and the results generated by each action made with the previously agreed budget. Thus, we force ourselves to be completely transparent with you when presenting the results at the end of the month.

MetricaPlus - Optimización de sitios web

Learn more about Online Performance methodology

When we talk about Online Performance, we don’t just mean investing. On the contrary, at MetricaPlus we also help you achieve those results, working first on your website.

Thus, keeping the site in good condition, it will be easier to achieve better results. When you give us the confidence to work on the administration of your website, we take care of:

The loading time of your website.

Fix broken links

Creation and update of your blog

As a tema, we make sure you have the SSL certificate from a secure site.

We fixed the density of keywords.

Our team will make a good distribution of titles (H1, H2 and H3).

We make sure that all images on the site have an Alt Attribute.

In other aspects.

At MetricaPlus we support you with the optimization of your site

In accordance with the results we expect to have a good online performance, at MetricaPlus we provide website optimization solutions. Therefore, we can help you get the most out of your website so that it performs better on the internet:


We analyze the current situation of your page.


We study the pages of your competitors.


We thoroughly analyze your main keywords.


We generate blog posts (and we create it, if you don’t have one).


We generate a backlink strategy to help SEO positioning.


We create your company profiles in all Google measurement tools (Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, My Business, etc).


We update and optimize the content permanently.


We work as a team with you and your programmers to improve loading speed.

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