3 mobile marketing automation tools

How to automate push notifications, message campaigns or WhastsApp; among other ways of mobile marketing? Here we tell you 3 tools that you can use to achieve it.

As we mentioned in this post, start creating a strategy to automate your digital campaigns on mobile devices; It is one of the best decisions you can make. Above all, because the trend towards the use of smartphones and tablets continues to rise.

In this sense, we want to share with you information that, we believe, will be useful for you. In other words, we are going to explain in detail the trending campaigns for mobile marketing; and the tools you can use to create your own.

Take note and apply it to your digital business!

Push Notifications

The first way to automate your digital campaigns, specifically on mobile devices, is push notifications.

These are the little strips that appear on your at the top of your device for a couple of seconds and then disappear; or, if you have the screen locked, it wakes up for a couple of seconds so you can see this information strip, and then locks again.

These notification strips allow the user to know what’s new in an application. For example:

  • WhatsApp uses them to notify you of new messages.
  • Mercado Libre takes advantage of push notifications to notify you of news about your purchases; or possible purchases.
  • DiDi Food uses them to notify you of offers in stores near you; or the status of your order.
  • Various games use them to notify you of limited time offers; or to notify you that you have recharged all your lives.

If you notice, they all have a common goal: to tell the user of something that may potentially interest them.

How to create an automated Push Notification campaign?

In order to automate push notifications in your app (and even on desktop computers), you need the help of a specialized program. For example:

  • OneSignal. With this program, you only need programmers to install less than 10 lines of code and it takes no more than 15 minutes to set up. Once done, the app takes care of everything.
  • Subscribers. This is a tool designed by marketing experts, and it is very easy to use. It offers programmable, dynamic, automatable and personalized push notifications; and can be configured with plugins and guides available for WordPress, Wix, Shoppify, Google Tag Manager, and more.
  • VWO Engage. This tool has the peculiarity of sending push notifications to the mobile device, through Facebook Messenger messages. That is, without the need to develop an application. This tool is indicated to reactivate clients.

Automatic sending of SMS messages

Have you noticed that sometimes you get messages from numbers that you have not registered, to offer you a product or service? If so, it is because you are a recipient of mobile marketing campaigns. In this case, specifically, one aimed at text messages.

Now, if you think that this type of campaign can increase the sales of your brand, we have good news for you. You too can carry it out! And then we tell you how.

Automate a text messaging campaign

As well as for push notifications, we also need an external program to help us automate our SMS campaigns. And here are some very good options:

  • ActiveCampaign. This service will help you add SMS automation to send follow-ups, notify agents, and more. It is highly recommended if you have noticed that your potential audience likes reading messages more than opening emails.
  • Omnisend. With this tool, you can not only automate your SMS campaign; but you can also synchronize it with the sending of emails and push notifications.
  • Drip. This tool allows you to create automation flows; in order to send more personalized messages, according to the tastes and behavior of the user. In addition, this service offers you a trial period with 500 shipments.

Chatbots within the app

Chatbots are a digital marketing tool that has been a trend for a couple of years. And, in fact, they are so practical and effective that they do not seem to go down in the coming years.

But, clarifying the terms a bit, let’s make it clear that chatbots are those chat windows that, surely, you have already seen on many websites. Its peculiarity is that, when you open them, automatic messages appear and they give you response options.

Usually, these program them according to the most frequent doubts of the consumers. Thus, the user resolves his doubt quickly, and the company’s workers can focus on other activities that require more attention.

Now, we know that chatbots can be easily installed on a website; but you can also do it within your application. And here we tell you how.

How to install a chatbot within the application?

As you could imagine, we need an external program for it. We recommend ChatCompose for mobile devices. It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool that will help you to resolve doubts from your consumers quickly and efficiently.

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3 mobile marketing automation tools
How to automate push notifications, message campaigns or WhastsApp; among other ways of mobile marketing? Here we tell you 3 tools that you can use to achieve it.

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