SEM Advertising

Unlike SEO, SEM advertising helps you appear on the first pages of Google, as long as you invest. You know that a brand is activating this strategy, when the legend «Ad» appears above the link.

Now, while SEM strategies are faster, we must remember that they are less durable, since they depend on the money we invest. For this reason, at MetricaPlus we generate search engine payment strategies, as a way to complement SEO work.

MetricaPlus - Posicionamiento SEM

This is how we handle SEM advertising in MetricaPlus

Investment according to the current online performance of your site

As we mentioned, we see SEM positioning strategies as a complement to SEO work. Therefore, we analyze the current situation of your website; and we make you a proposal with a personalized investment. Thus, we can achieve our goal: that you have to invest much less than what any other agency would ask you to do.

You can choose between a one-time investment; or monthly deposit

Thanks to our own tools that we use, we are quite confident that in less than a year we can position your company in Google. Therefore, depending on the case of your business, the investment you will make for the SEM advertising may be unique at the beginning, or you can have the freedom to make monthly investments

The investment will be the minimum necessary to boost your business

What we propose to invest to advertise your company on Google, we assure you that you will not find it anywhere else. Since we take SEM advertising strategies to the background once the entire SEO structure is ready. Also, with all these efforts, the cost per click (CPC) of your campaign goes down; and your money goes more.

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