SEO for YouTube: how to apply optimization techniques to your channel

Surely you have heard about how search engine optimization strategies help your site to be found easily using a keyword. Well, now, we will use these SEO techniques for YouTube. We explain how.

What few know is that SEO strategies for websites can and should also be used on YouTube. Since the platform offers its own search system, so that users can easily find channels and videos on the topics they are looking for.

This strategy is essential for the success of your channel or digital business. If you’re still in the early stages, keep reading this guide to getting started and succeeding with your YouTube business!

In this article, we are also going to talk about how to apply YouTube SEO techniques to increase your number of views and subscribers; and guarantee a unique experience for its users. But, before starting with the technical part, let’s understand a little more about the power of this Social Network.

YouTube in numbers

Founded on February 14, 2005 in the United States, the platform was bought by Google; and has continued to grow ever since. So much so that it has established itself as the second largest search engine in the world with 113 million people over the age of 18 who consume content on YouTube monthly.

YouTube, which also functions as a channel for entertainment, learning and a new medium for expanding business; directly supports entrepreneurship, learning, diversity, and expansion of an existing business.

How to optimize content on YouTube through SEO

1. Do keyword research

The first step for this optimization to happen is to do keyword research. That is, look for the term that will indicate to the search engine what your video is talking about and that is in accordance with the user’s intention. The ways to research which keyword best fits the intent of your video or channel are as diverse as possible.

Keyword research tools

There are various keyword research tools that can help you find the ideal keyword. Take a look at some of them:

  • Keyword This tool allows you to select if you search for a keyword for Google, YouTube, Bling, among other channels. Although it has a paid version, the free version already meets expectations well.
  • SemRush. With this tool it is possible to see the keyword search volume, how difficult it will be to rank your site with it, what is the user’s intention when searching for the word; and a list of variations of that keyword and questions.
  • YouTube autocomplete. You can even use YouTube’s own search tab to find out what’s trending on YouTube.

2. Enter your chosen keyword in various channel fields

With all the above information, choose the keyword that best defines your content. Do not forget to insert the term in the title, tags and description of the video. Thus, YouTube will be able to index your content and deliver it effectively to users.

Start the description with the keyword and focus on the video title

Start your video description with your chosen term, and use it in the video title as well. Don’t forget to change the name of the video file, to one that contains the keyword. After all, this will also ease the process of indexing and ranking your content.

How to create a good description for your videos

A good description should meet the user’s intent, and help the search engine to better catalog and index your content. Here are some important tips for writing a good description:

  • Put the video keyword at the beginning of the description, so it appears before the «Show More» button.
  • Think of your video description in two parts: before and after the «Show More» button; and insert a brief summary in the first lines of the description, so that the user immediately knows what you are talking about in the video.
  • In the rest of the text, which is after “Show more”, it provides extra information about the content of your channel. For example social networks, and even links to complementary content.

3. Add subtitles to your video

More than just a YouTube SEO trick, subtitles say a lot about your brand and how you identify with differences. That’s because the captions were created for people with disabilities, or who have some other hearing impairment. However, the use of the legend can bring benefits to your content, as they help improve the organic ranking of the content.

4. Create playlists with related content

More than helping to improve the organic ranking of your video, this practice optimizes the user experience; as videos with related content are already available in the playlist.

5. Produce deeper content

According to research, the highest-ranking videos on the platform are often over 10 minutes long. So, the advice is: make content richer and longer; but keep in mind if your video answers the user’s question or intent. If that doesn’t happen, there’s no point in making long videos, because your content won’t rank well on YouTube.

How to make your video more attractive to users

YouTube understands that the more time people spend watching your video, the more relevant it is. That is the importance of paying attention to audience retention. Here are some tips on how to make your video more engaging:

  • Make a good script. That is, define everything you are going to say in your video before recording; since this part is essential to organize your content and ideas.
  • Present your content creatively in the first 15 seconds of the video. In this way you will be able to capture the attention of the audience and arouse curiosity.
  • Use a good hook that arouses the curiosity of your users, and shows a preview or value of your content.
  • Use a standard break: change angles, show an interesting image or graph. This gives the video dynamism, helps it not look identical from start to finish.


Taking user intent into account, regardless of platform and search engine, is the first step in understanding how SEO works; and thus apply search engine optimization techniques.

Regardless of the search engine, it is extremely important to do a self-assessment and answer if our content answers the question of the person who searched for the keyword.

If the answer is yes, rest assured that when applying these tips; on the other hand, if the answer is no, it will be necessary to recalculate the route and understand the concept of SEO a little more, in order to finally implement the optimizations and achieve the results.

Source: Electronic Commerce Brazil.

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SEO for YouTube: how to apply optimization techniques to your channel
Surely you have heard about how search engine optimization strategies help your site to be found easily using a keyword. Well, now, we will use these SEO techniques for YouTube. We explain how.

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