Success stories

We share with you some of the success stories that we have obtained. Which we achieve by working together with marketing agencies, and small and medium-sized companies in Brazil, the United States and Mexico. They have been awesome!

Success stories

MetricaPlus - Casos de Éxito SEO

Cell phone company

This is one of our success stories. It is a company that sells mobile equipment and airtime recharges, located in Guadalajara (Mexico). These are the results they obtained working with Metrica Plus in a period of 60 days:

  • 28% increase in clicks on the Reload button.
  • 32 keywords organically positioned in the Top 2 of Google.
  • The cost per click in the SEM campaign decreased by 38%.
  • Mastery strength increased by 60%.

Here is the complete table with the results:

In the client's words:

We are having exponential results in a short time. We have come a long way in just two months.

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Casos de éxito MetricaPlus - Alphacel

Agency specialized in notaries (Brazil)

The client informed us of the difficulty of locating in search engines, and the poor performance in social networks. However, after working 30 days with Metrica Plus, he obtained:

  • 327% increase in organic traffic directed to the website.
  • Google recognized the intense targeted and qualified traffic to the website, increasing the authority and relevance of the agency; going from page 25 to 1 in just 22 days.
  • Instagram became a machine to capture qualified leads; generating an increase of approximately 32 Leads per month.
Casos de éxito MetricaPlus - Cratorio na web

How do we achieve these success stories?

To guarantee the results, we created a Roadmap. This is a work guide for us, which helps us not to carry out actions that do not work; But, on the other hand, it allows us to go directly to the expected solution.

We share our Roadmap with you:


In the evaluation stage, we undertake the task of thoroughly analyzing the current situation of your website. From this, we can have a starting point for the strategy; knowing the strengths and areas of opportunity of your site.


From the information obtained with the evaluation, we move on to the next step. This is it, planning. We create a positioning strategy based on what we previously detected, and we present it to you. If you agree, we can move on to the next stage.

definición de kpis

If you agree with the strategy, the next step is to agree on the KPI’s. These are the metrics that we will be monitoring to measure the growth of your business; and progress towards the objectives set.


Once aligned with the strategy, objectives and KPI’s that we will use to measure growth, we launched the campaign! You can be confident that our team of experts will be on the lookout at all times. And, above all, that we will keep in touch with you in any situation.

medición de resultados

At the end of the month, it is our duty to share the results with you. The objective of this is that, together, we analyze the actions that were carried out and the results obtained. Thus, we can make adjustments to the current strategy, and set new objectives.

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